resend - A client library for sending emails via

RESEND ASDF System Details


You can install this library from Quicklisp, but you want to receive updates quickly, then install it from

(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)
(ql:quickload :resend)


This is a simple client to It allows to send transactional HTML emails.

Here is a quick example:

;; First, we need to give it an API key to authenticate itself:
(setf resend:*api-key*

;; Then we can use this macro, to send letter. The macro RESEND:SEND uses Spinneret for rendering it's body
;; to HTML and then sends it to given email.
(let ((name "Bob"))
  (resend:send ("" "" "Test email message")
    (:h1 "Hello my friend!")
    (:p (format nil "How are you doing, ~A?" name))))




(from email subject) &body body

Sends HTML letter to an email.

Body of this macro should contain a markup for spinneret library. Also, it can use "htm" macro, to wrap html markup in the inner lisp constructions such as loops and conditional expressions.


This should be a string or a secret-values:secret-value.

"CL Resend ("

A value to be used in User-Agent HTTP header.