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Pushing your pulls faster!

posted on 2019-04-30

Today I’m going to share an idea I’ve been nurturing for a long time, my friends. It came into my mind many years ago. It’s core message has to do with development of a service, which would aggregate and conveniently display all communications related to your favorite GitHub projects. This service will be very helpful for users having many own GitHub projects. It’ll also help GitHub users with numerous pulls and tickets for third party projects.

I believe that tickets and pulls creators create them to improve their open source projects of interest. In order to do that, tickets must become pulls. The pulls in turn should merge in a timely manner. The faster this process will be, the quicker open source projects will be developed.


Second version of is available now!

posted on 2019-02-03

I believe, that software should evolve and evolve quickly. One of the reasons why Common Lisp seems strange to newcomers is its ecosystem. It takes a long time to add a new library and make it useful to other common lispers.

Just pretend that you've made a brand new library and want to show it to the world. Now you have two options.


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