Who we are

Written on 2018-11-26

We are a group of Lisp hackers. Our goal is to extend Common Lisp's ecosystem and to solve realworld problems using the most powerful programming language.

Main ideas

  1. Impossible is possible.
  2. Code should be clear and maintainable.
  3. Help community by making more opensource projects with good documentation.

Our roadmap

  1. Rebuild and resurrect Weblocks web framework.
  2. Create a convenient way to add more libraries to a quicklisp distribution. Here we are working on Ultralisp website.
  3. To fix Ceramic to build desktop apps using Electron.
  4. Figure out a way how to do the similar for mobile apps, may be by using React Native.

Work with us

We are alway glad to new members, no matter who you are a beginner or a mature Lisp developer.

Starting is easy. Open a [Gitter chat](https://gitter.im/40ants/team>) and say "Hello!".

Support us

Supporting hackers is not always bad thing. Especially if they are Lisp hackers.

If you wish to support us, please, donate money:

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