Dependencies ΒΆ

When Reblocks renders page, it collects CSS and JS dependencies from all widgets by calling generic-function reblocks/dependencies:get-dependencies. Also, this function is called on the current app to get such common dependencies as jQuery and CSS framework.

If you are defining your own method for reblocks/dependencies:get-dependencies generic-function, make sure it returns a list of reblocks/dependencies:dependency objects.

Typically, you already have JS or CSS file somewhere near your ASDF system. In this case, you can use reblocks/dependencies:make-dependency function like this:

(defmethod reblocks/dependencies:get-dependencies ((app my-app))
  (list* (reblocks/dependencies:make-dependency "js/my-app.js"
                                                :system :some-asdf-system)

Other way to specify a dependency is to use Parenscript or LASS to define JS or CSS right inside the method. Here we define CSS code for the widget:

(defmethod reblocks/dependencies:get-dependencies ((widget my-custom-widget))
      :border 2px solid red
      :padding 1em))

Pay attention, this code uses REBLOCKS-LASS:MAKE-DEPENDENCY function which is available from the separate asdf system REBLOCKS-LASS.