40ants-linter - A custom wrapper to run SBLINT and also to validate package imports.

40ANTS-LINTER ASDF System Details

This system is a command line wrapper around SBLint. Additionally, it provides a way to validate imports of a package-inferred ASDF systems to find missing or unnecessary imports.


You can install this library from Quicklisp, but you want to receive updates quickly, then install it from Ultralisp.org:

(ql-dist:install-dist "http://dist.ultralisp.org/"
                      :prompt nil)

Then use Roswell to build a command line tool:

ros install 40ants-asdf-system 40ants-linter


Run linter from a command line like this:

40ants-linter -s cl-telegram-bot

To validate imports, add --imports key:

40ants-linter --imports -s cl-telegram-bot

Utility's exit code contains a number of found problems. Thus when it exits with code 0, run is considered successful. You can use this to build a continuous integration pipeline. 40ants-ci system already includes support for this linter and is able to generate proper config for GitHub actions.