40ants-slynk - Utilities to start SLYNK if needed and to track active connections.

40ANTS-SLYNK ASDF System Details


You can install this library from Quicklisp, but you want to receive updates quickly, then install it from Ultralisp.org:

(ql-dist:install-dist "http://dist.ultralisp.org/"
                      :prompt nil)
(ql:quickload :40ants-slynk)


This library provides a little helper, used in 40Ants webservices. it does two things:


Here we'll store all Slynk connections.

Use this function before starting the backend server.

If SLYNK_PORT environment variable is set, then this function will create a Slynk server on that port and localhost interface. To change an interface, set SLYNK_INTERFACE environment variable.