CL-INFO - Common Lisp Environment Reporter

This is a small utility, useful to display information about you Common Lisp environment. You might want to call it in the CI pipeline or to use it when rendering a crash report in some client applications.

Usage from Common Lisp

It's main entry point is cl-info:get-cl-info function. It returns an object with customized PRINT-OBJECT method. You can use it to output debug information in your programs.

cl-info collects inforrmation about OS, Lisp Implementation, ASDF, installed Quicklisp distributions:

CL-USER> (cl-info:get-cl-info)
OS:   Darwin 15.6.0
Lisp: SBCL 1.4.8
QL:   ceramic github-e0d905187946f8f2358f7b05e1ce87b302e34312
      cl-prevalence github-c163c227ed85d430b82cb1e3502f72d4f88e3cfa
      log4cl-json github-c4f786e252d89a45372186aaf32fb8e8736b444b
      log4cl github-6a857b0b41c030a8a3b04096205e221baaa1755f
      quicklisp 2018-04-30
      slynk github-3314cf8c3021cb758e0e30fe3ece54accf1dcf3d
      weblocks-lass github-1b043afbf2f3e84e495dfeae5e63fe67a435019f
      weblocks-parenscript github-8ef4ca2f837403a05c4e9b92dcf1c41771d16f17
      weblocks-ui github-5afdf238534d70edc2447d0bc8bc63da8e35999f
      weblocks-websocket github-b098db7f179dce3bfb045afd4e35e7cc868893f0
      weblocks github-282483f97d6ca351265ebfebb017867c295d01ad
      websocket-driver github-a3046b11dfb9803ac3bff7734dd017390c2b54bb

Also, you can gather information about separate systems using cl-info:get-system-info function:

CL-USER> (cl-info:get-system-info :hamcrest)
System: HAMCREST 0.4.2

Usage From Command-line

Also, you can use cl-info as a command-line utility. It is useful to output information about common lisp environment running on CI server.

Here is how to do it:

# Here we use a Roswell, to install utility
[art@art-osx:~]% ros install 40ants/cl-info
# And now request information about lisp and some systems
[art@art-osx:~]% cl-info weblocks clack jonathan some-other-system
OS:   Darwin 15.6.0
Lisp: Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.11.5/v1.11.5  (DarwinX8664)
QL:   org.borodust.bodge 20180214223017
      quicklisp 2017-10-23
System: weblocks 0.31.1
System: clack 2.0.0
System: jonathan 0.1
System: some-other-system is not available

API Reference

Returns information about lisp implementation, asdf and quicklisp.

(= (asdf/upgrade:asdf-version))

Returns ASDF version.

(= (lisp-implementation-type))
(= (lisp-implementation-version))
(:absent = nil)