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License BSD

This is a small and simple documentation builder. It was removed from Quicklisp in 2014 because this project is SBCL only, but I've added it to the Ultralisp and you can test it after upgrade to the latest version.

CL-API is suitable for building a reference for third-party libraries if they don't have their own documentation. But lack of ability to process handwritten chapters and work with package inferred systems, make it unusable for 40ants projects.

As always, I've created a template repository for you.

Here is an example project's documentation built with CL-API:

Use this template if you are making a small library which needs autogenerated API reference.

Also, you'll find a "Pros & Cons" section in the README:

Here you will find template projects for other documentation systems.

Choose what is more suite your needs:

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License