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This is yet another documentation generator for Common Lisp, built by Masataro Asai.

Its unique feature is the documentation processor which is able to extract docstring from nonstandard Lisp forms. Also, it supports all markups, supported by Pandoc and can be used to generate documentation from any folder.

You'll find more pros and cons in the template repository I've prepared for you.

Despite many cool features, I have these stoppers for using Eazy Documentation for my own projects:

  • it is hard to control sections ordering;
  • there is no helper for cross-referencing symbols.

MGL-PAX, reviewed recently is still my favourite.

But Eazy Documentation still can be useful when:

  • the system is small;
  • you just have a number of RST/Markdown/other files and want to make a site;
  • you want to build a doc for a third-party library. It can build a doc for any ASDF system.

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License