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This is yet another CL documentation generator by Ryan Pavlik. It's interesting features are:

  • Markdown support out of the box.
  • New markups can be easily added.
  • Code from snippets can be linked to CLHS.

As always, I've prepared an example project for you:

You'll find there a full list of cl-gendoc's pros and cons.

Here is a short example of library documentation builder. It includes a few markdown sections and an autogenerated API spec for two packages:

(defun build ()
  (let ((output-filename "docs/build/index.html"))
    (ensure-directories-exist output-filename)
    (gendoc:gendoc (:output-filename output-filename
                    :css "simple.css")
      (:markdown-file "docs/source/")
      (:markdown-file "docs/source/")
      (:markdown-file "docs/source/")
      (:markdown-file "docs/source/")
      (:apiref :example/app

The cl-gendoc has an interesting macro define-gendoc-load-op. It forces documentation build after the asdf:load-system call. Here is how it can be used:

(defsystem example-docs
  :class :package-inferred-system
  :defsystem-depends-on ("cl-gendoc")
  :pathname "docs/scripts/"
  :depends-on ("example-docs/builder"))

(gendoc:define-gendoc-load-op :example-docs
                              :example-docs/builder 'build)

The macro call will expand into:

 (defmethod asdf/action:perform :after ((o asdf/lisp-action:load-op) 
                                        (c (eql (asdf/system:find-system
   (let ((fn
          (find-symbol (symbol-name 'build)
                       (find-package :example-docs/builder))))
     (funcall gendoc::fn)))

 ;; This method makes ASDF think that load-system wasn't successful
 ;; and subsequent call will build documentation again.
 (defmethod asdf/action:operation-done-p ((o asdf/lisp-action:load-op) 
                                          (c (eql (asdf/system:find-system 

Personally, I'm don't like this hack. But I'm sure there should be the more correct way to use asdf:make to build docs. If you know how to do this, please, let me know in the comments.

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License