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Tests 😀
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This system is not in the Quicklisp yet. You can install it from the GitHub or

I think to make it a tradition – creating a ready to use project skeletons.

Here is one which uses Coo:

Here is how it's rendered documentation looks like.

Read this doc to learn more about the pros and cons of this documentation system:

Here I want to highlight only a few moments.

The system has a huge potential for improvement. There are some GitHub issues to work on. I've already sent my pull-request to add support of ASDF package inferred systems:

The two coolest features are:

  • Well-known markup format – Coo uses reStructured text.
  • It can be extended in Common Lisp.

Right now Coo is good for documenting small libraries which don't need for abstract chapters of documentation, but I see how it can be extended to render handwritten docs along with generated from docstrings!

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