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This is the library for PDF generation and parsing.

Today I'm too lazy to provided step by step examples, but I have a real task to do with this library.

Some time ago I've read the article about productivity which recommended to print a "life calendar". This calendar should remind you: "The life is limited and the time's price is high."

The calendar is a grid where every box is one week of you life. The article suggested to buy a poster with the calendar, but I don't want to wait for a parcel with the poster! I want to print it now!

And here is where cl-pdf comes on the scene!

I wrote this simple function to generate the poster of A1 format:

(defun render (&optional (filename "life.pdf"))
  (flet ((to-ppt (size-in-mm)
           (/ size-in-mm 1/72 25.4)))
    (let* ((width (to-ppt 594))       ;; This is A1 page size in mm
           (height (to-ppt 841))
           (margin-top (to-ppt 70))
           (margin-bottom (to-ppt 30))
           (span  (to-ppt 2))
           (year-weeks 52)
           (years 90)
           (box-size (/ (- (- height (+ margin-top margin-bottom))
                            (* span (1- years)))
           (boxes-width (+ (* box-size year-weeks)
                            (* span (1- year-weeks))))
           (boxes-height (+ (* box-size years)
                             (* span (1- years))))
           ;; horizontal margin depends on box size,
           ;; because we need to center them
           (margin-h (/ (- width boxes-width)
           (box-radius (/ box-size 3))
           (helvetica (pdf:get-font "Helvetica")))
      (pdf:with-document ()
        (pdf:with-page (:bounds (rutils:vec 0 0 width height))
          ;; For debug
          ;; (pdf:rectangle margin-h margin-bottom
          ;;                boxes-width
          ;;                boxes-height
          ;;                :radius box-radius)
          (loop for year from 0 below years
                do (loop for week from 0 below year-weeks
                         for x = (+ margin-h (* week (+ box-size span)))
                         for y = (+ margin-bottom (* year (+ box-size span)))
                         do (pdf:rectangle x y box-size box-size :radius box-radius)))
          ;; The title
           (/ width 2)
           (+ margin-bottom
               ;; space between text and boxes in mm
               (to-ppt 15))
           "LIFE CALENDAR"
           ;; font-size in mm
           (to-ppt 30))

          ;; Labels for weeks
          (let ((font-size
                  ;; We want labels to be slightly smaller than boxes
                  (* box-size 2/3)))
             (+ margin-h
                 (/ box-size 4))
             (+ margin-bottom
                 ;; space between text and boxes in mm
                 (to-ppt 10))
             "Weeks of the year"
            (loop for week below year-weeks
                  do (pdf:draw-centered-text
                      (+ margin-h
                          (/ box-size 2)
                          (* week (+ box-size span)))
                      (+ margin-bottom
                          ;; space between text and boxes in mm
                          (to-ppt 3))
                      (rutils:fmt "~A" (1+ week))

            ;; Labels for years
               (- margin-h
                   (to-ppt 10))
               (- (+ margin-bottom
                   (/ box-size 4)))
              (pdf:rotate 90)
               0 0
               "Years of your life"
            (loop for year below years
                  do (pdf:draw-left-text
                      (- margin-h
                          ;; space between text and boxes in mm
                          (to-ppt 3))
                      (+ margin-bottom
                          (/ box-size 4)
                          (* year (+ box-size span)))
                      (rutils:fmt "~A" (- years year))

            ;; The Question.
             (- width margin-h)
             (- margin-bottom
                 (to-ppt 10))
             "Is this the End?"
             (* font-size 2))
        (pdf:write-document filename)))))

Here is how result will look like:

The PDF can be downloaded here.

This program demonstrates a few features of cl-pdf:

  • ability to set page size;
  • text drawing and rotation;
  • font manipulation.

There are a lot more features but all of them aren't documented, only several examples :(

GitHub shows 4 forks with some patches. And some of them are turned into a pull-request, but maintainer is inactive on the GitHub since 2019 :(

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License