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This is a simple library which allows to define global variables and save/restore their state to some persistent storage.

For example, we can define variables for database host and password:

;; In real application you should define these
;; variables in the lisp file:

POFTHEDAY> (persistent-variables:defpvar *password*)
POFTHEDAY> (persistent-variables:defpvar *db-host*)

;; Then in the REPL you can setup the app
POFTHEDAY> (setf *password* "Some $ecret")
POFTHEDAY> (setf *db-host* "")

;; And save it's state:
POFTHEDAY> (with-open-file (stream "/tmp/app.config"
                                   :if-does-not-exist :create
                                   :if-exists :supersede
                                   :direction :output)
             (persistent-variables:pv-save stream))

;; At startup your app might restore values for these variables:
POFTHEDAY> (with-open-file (stream "/tmp/app.config"
                                   :direction :input)
             (persistent-variables:pv-load stream))

What this system does - it saves all symbols, defined with defpvar into the hash-table. And pv-save/pv-load serializes and deserializes them as sexps:

POFTHEDAY> (rutils:print-ht persistent-variables::*persisted*)

POFTHEDAY> (with-output-to-string (s)
             (persistent-variables:pv-save s))
"(\"POFTHEDAY\" \"*DB-HOST*\" \"\\\"\\\"\")
(\"POFTHEDAY\" \"*PASSWORD*\" \"\\\"Some $ecret\\\"\")

This library can be useful for interactive applications where user can change the settings and they should be restored on restart. You probably also be interested in ubiquitous library which I didn't review yet.

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License