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Tests 🥺
CI 🥺

This template engine is interesting because it allows mixing lisp code blocks and HTML in a way simple enough to be used by non-lisp developers and designers.

It's interesting feature is that each template definition includes the arguments list.

Here is how we can define templates for user list from the previous post about cl-emb:

POFTHEDAY> (eco:compile-string
<% deftemplate user (nickname name) () %>
<a href=\"/users/<%= nickname %>\"><%= name %></a>
<% end %>

POFTHEDAY> (eco:compile-string "
<% deftemplate user-list (users) () %>
  <% loop for (nickname name) in users do %>
    <li><%- user nickname name %><% end %></li>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

POFTHEDAY> (eco-template:user-list
            '(("bob" "Bob Hopkins")
              ("alice" "Alice Cooker")))
<a href=\"/users/bob\">Bob Hopkins</a>
<a href=\"/users/alice\">Alice Cooker</a>

Also, there is a way to load templates from the files with .eco extensions. There is an ASDF extension which allows defining these templates as components of your ASDF system.

Documentation does not cover this, but the template components should be defined like this:

(defsystem mysite
  :defsystem-depends-on (eco)
  :components ((:module "src"
                :depends-on "templates"
                :components ((:file "backend-code")
                             (:file "utils")))
               (:module "templates"
                :components ((:eco-template "index-page")
                             (:eco-template "users")))))

Well, let's measure Eco's performance!

POFTHEDAY> (eco:compile-string "
<% deftemplate perform (title items) () %>
<title><%= title %></title>
  <% loop for item in items do %>
    <li><%= item %></li>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

            (loop repeat 1000000
                  do (eco-template:perform "Foo Bar"
                       '("One" "Two" "Three"))))
Evaluation took:
  2.135 seconds of real time
  2.144360 seconds of total run time (2.121050 user, 0.023310 system)
  [ Run times consist of 0.141 seconds GC time, and 2.004 seconds non-GC time. ]
  100.42% CPU
  4,713,480,570 processor cycles
  1,008,017,904 bytes consed

This is slower than half of the tested template engines. It took place between cl-who and print-html. I've expected it will be faster :(

The chart with all html template engines performance can be found here.

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