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Today we'll have some fun because this library allows us to search for music text and sing together!

Install the library and do this in the REPL:

POFTHEDAY> (lyrics:lyrics "Bob Kanefsky" "eternal flame")
"I was taught Assembler in my second year of school.
It's kinda like construction work --
with a toothpick for a tool.
So when I made my senior year,
I threw my code away,
And learned the way to program
that I still prefer today.

Now, some folks on the Internet
put their faith in C++.
They swear that it's so powerful,
it's what God used for us.
And maybe He lets mortals dredge
their objects from the C.
But I think that explains
why only God can make a tree.

For God wrote in Lisp code
When he filled the leaves with green.
The fractal flowers and recursive roots:
The most lovely hack I've seen.
And when I ponder snowflakes,
never finding two the same,
I know God likes a language
with its own four-letter name.

Now, I've used a SUN under Unix,
so I've seen what C can hold.
I've surfed for Perls, found what Fortran's for,
Got that Java stuff down cold.
Though the chance that I'd write COBOL code
is a SNOBOL's chance in Hell.
And I basically hate hieroglyphs,
so I won't use APL.

Now, God must know all these languages,
and a few I haven't named.
But the Lord made sure, when each sparrow falls,
that its flesh will be reclaimed.
And the Lord could not count grains of sand
with a 32-bit word.
Who knows where we would go to
if Lisp weren't what he preferred?

And God wrote in Lisp code
Every creature great and small.
Don't search the disk drive for man.c,
When the listing's on the wall.
And when I watch the lightning burn
Unbelievers to a crisp,
I know God had six days to work,
So he wrote it all in Lisp.

Yes, God had a deadline.
So he wrote it all in Lisp."

It is also can grep all texts you've ever found. For example, we can find all lines which mention the LISP:

POFTHEDAY> (lyrics:search-song "lisp")
(("Bob Kanefsky" "eternal flame" "For God wrote in Lisp code")
 ("Bob Kanefsky" "eternal flame" "if Lisp weren't what he preferred?")
 ("Bob Kanefsky" "eternal flame" "And God wrote in Lisp code")
 ("Bob Kanefsky" "eternal flame" "So he wrote it all in Lisp."))

Ok, enough coding, let's sing together! If you don't know the tune, open this video:

Or open these chords for the guitar:

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License