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Tests 🤨
CI 🥺

The first post in the #poftheday series was about cl-mpg123 library. It failed on attempt to process metadata of mp3 file. Today we'll try taglib. This is the pure CL library to process MP3, MP4, FLAC tags.

Let's try it on the file from the zero post!

POFTHEDAY> (audio-streams:open-audio-file
#<ID3:MP3-FILE {10036524E3}>

POFTHEDAY> (abstract-tag:show-tags *)
1 frame read, MPEG 1, Layer III, CBR, sample rate: 44,100 Hz, bit rate: 320 Kbps, duration: 7:15
    album: Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys
    artist: Baby Gramps
    comment: ((0 eng  NIL))
    compilation: no
    cover: (Size: 9,870)
    genre: Folk
    title: Cape Cod Girls
    track: (1 23)
    year: 2006

There is also a possibility to access specific fields:

POFTHEDAY> (audio-streams:open-audio-file
#<ID3:MP3-FILE {10027E6093}>

POFTHEDAY> (id3:id3-header *)
#<ID3:ID3-HEADER {10027E60D3}>

POFTHEDAY> (id3:v21-tag-header *)
#<ID3:V21-TAG-HEADER {10027E6363}>

POFTHEDAY> (id3:album *)
"Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballad"

POFTHEDAY> (id3:title **)
"Cape Cod Girls"

Seems it works very good!

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