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This is a small system which allows you to organize a scheduled function execution in a Cron-like manner.

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:make-cron-job
            (lambda ()
              (format t "[~A] Cron works!~%"

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:start-cron)
#<SB-THREAD:THREAD "Anonymous thread" RUNNING {1004D8CB93}>

[2020-06-02T22:29:00.328017+03:00] Cron works!
[2020-06-02T22:30:00.321083+03:00] Cron works!

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:stop-cron)

POFTHEDAY> (defun list-cron-jobs ()
             (loop for key being the hash-key
                     of cl-cron::*cron-jobs-hash*
                   collect key))

POFTHEDAY> (list-cron-jobs)

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:delete-cron-job (first *))

POFTHEDAY> (list-cron-jobs)

Having unnamed cron jobs is not convenient because it is to remove them, you need to get its name using list-cron-jobs function.

But you can provide a hash-key argument to the make-cron-job function:

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:make-cron-job
            (lambda ()
              (format t "[~A] Cron works!~%"
            :hash-key :print-every-minute)

POFTHEDAY> (list-cron-jobs)

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:delete-cron-job

POFTHEDAY> (list-cron-jobs)

To make a task which runs not every minute but at the specified time, you can pass keyword arguments to the make-cron-job.

For example, this will add a callback to run at 10:00 of every Sunday:

POFTHEDAY> (cl-cron:make-cron-job
            (lambda ()
              (format t "Wake Up!~%"))

            ;; Days of week are numbered from 0,
            ;; where 0 is Monday.
            ;; Run every Sunday:
            :day-of-week 6
            :hour 10
            :minute 0
            :hash-key :sunday-alarm)

I use cl-cron in the, to schedule different tasks. And another useful trick I do is redefining cl-cron:log-cron-message.

By default it writes lines to the ./cron.log, but using this definition you can redirect all messages to the log4cl:

;; Here we are patching this function because
;; original tries to write into a file cl-cron.log
(defun cl-cron:log-cron-message (message &optional (type "error"))
  (if (string-equal type "error")
      (log:error message)
      (log:info message)))

Probably, I'll make a pull-request with these fixes soon. But seems the author of this library is not very active neither at BitBucket nor at the GitHub.

Brought to you by 40Ants under Creative Commons License