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This is a library of Twitter Bootstrap widgets for cl-who.

It has many examples in the README and also an interactive demo where you can see all available components.

Here is an of example how to use it:

POFTHEDAY> (cl-bootstrap:bs-btn-primary "Hello Lisp World!")

<button type='button' class='btn btn-primary'>Hello Lisp World!</button>
">Hello Lisp World!</button>"

This macro expands to the following cl-who code:

(cl-who:with-html-output (*standard-output*)
  (:button :type "button" :class
   (concatenate 'string "btn"
                (if "primary"
                    (format nil " btn-~a" "primary"))
                (if nil
                    (format nil " btn-~a" nil)))
   "Hello Lisp World!"))

This is a more complex example from cl-bootstrap's README:

(bs-navbar (:inverse t :brand "Brand")
	(bs-navbar-nav ()
		(bs-nav-li (:href "/panels") "Panels")
		(bs-nav-dropdown (:title "Components")
		(bs-nav-li (:href "/panels") "Panels")
		(:li (:a :href "/buttons" "Buttons"))
		(:li (:a :href "/labels" "Labels"))
		(:li (:a :href "/modals" "Modal"))
		(:li (:a :href "/tabs" "Tabs"))
		(:li (:a :href "/dropdowns" "Dropdowns"))
		(:li (:a :href "/tables" "Tables"))
		(:li (:a :href "/carousel" "Carousel"))
		(:li (:a :href "/navbars" "Navbars"))))
	(bs-navbar-form ()
			(:div :class "form-group"
				(:input :type "text" :class "form-control" :placeholder "Search"))
			(:button :type "submit" :class "btn btn-default" "Submit"))))

Here is the most colorful page from the demo:

It seems this a good candidate to use together with the Weblocks.

Maybe I'll use it along with cl-org-mode to create a static site for the #poftheday project.

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