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There are many command-line parsing libraries for Common Lisp. This one pretends to simplicity.

Unix-opts has an interesting feature - it uses CL's restarts to allow you to decide what to do if the option is not supported or can't be parsed.

Here is a short example:

POFTHEDAY> (opts:get-opts (list "myscript"
; Debugger entered on #<UNIX-OPTS:UNKNOWN-OPTION {1001CBE413}>
; Evaluation aborted on #<UNIX-OPTS:UNKNOWN-OPTION {1001CBE413}>

;; We can solve this problem by calling a restart to skip and option
;; or consider the problem is critical and finish the program.
POFTHEDAY> (handler-bind ((opts:unknown-option
                            (lambda (condition)
                              (format t "Warning: ~s option is unknown!~%"
                                      (opts:option condition))
                              (invoke-restart 'opts:skip-option))))
             (opts:get-opts (list "myscript"
Warning: "--help" option is unknown!

Options are declared by a macro opts:define-opts it stores them in the global opts::*options* variable.

Seems there is no way to have subcommands with different options when you are using unix-opts.

Internal code of the unix-opts is short, readable and documented. The library has no dependencies which is good if you want to write simple command-line scripts in Common Lisp.

Read full example in the documentation:

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