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Day Zero

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Day Zero

A small helper

Wrote a small helper to choose a random Common Lisp project from the Quicklisp for my "Project of the Day" marathon!


So, today's project is cl-mpg123!

It's documentation ( says:

This is a binding to libmpg123 library allowing for convenient,
extensive, and fast decoding of MPEG1/2/3 (most prominently mp3) files.

Also, this library is able to extract id3 tags from the mp3 files. You can use it to build an mp3 catalog in Common Lisp!

Let's see it works!

It almost was able to give me information about one of the mp3s I've found on the disk!

cl-mpg123:metadata method does not work on this file :(

Of cause, I've submitted the issue:

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